Exaxe implement customised product offering solution in Aviva International

Aviva International specialises in the distribution of customised offshore bonds and investment products to high net worth individuals across multiple European markets through a very large distribution network.

Its unique selling point is its commitment to provide clients with a ‘client specific’ product and its challenge was to support new and existing business using an archaic inflexible illustrations solution with no online capability or straight through processing facility.

The business proposition required the flexibility to offer online ‘be-spoke’ products to customers from a single suite of base products with an extensive range of investment options, while ensuring that the customer experience was engaging.

Exaxe implement distribution management solution in Friends First

Agent and commission processing at Friends First was supported by numerous tactical solutions. These included spreadsheets with essential tasks completed through multiple manual calculations, cross-checks and hand-offs. It had a patchwork of databases and systems that were difficult and costly for its IT staff to
maintain and didn’t fully support all business activities.

As a result, the quality of information coming to management was poor and did not assist with strategic decision making or operational risk management. Compliance with regulatory bodies was cumbersome and prone to error. Lack of reliability in the data and processes meant that Friends First suffered from commission leakage and came very low in surveys of service level satisfaction carried out by the broker community.

Exaxe implement Illustrate Plus and Income Plus solutions in Retirement Advantage

Retirement Advantage, previously known as MGM Advantage, was established in 1852. Their initial business was providing valuable life assurance to mariners and sailors and, over the years, they developed their range to offer pensions, investment and protection products.

Retirement Advantage was a niche player in the UK Life Assurance Market. Their primary distribution channel was through their direct sales force. MGM Advantage had a 500k policy portfolio and a diverse product range. However, they also had multiple legacy systems processing in Batch.


MGM Assurance, as it was then known as, intended to re-brand and launch the company to the broker community, a new channel for them. In order to achieve this they needed to implement a new online system which had the capability of processing Annuity type products online. They also required the solution to have straight through processing including an online underwriting capability. Retirement Advantage had short timescales for this project and begun a full selection process for a modern technology solution in October 2007.

Exaxe implement Illustrate Plus solution in UISL

Unisys Insurance Services Limited (UISL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unisys, a worldwide information technology services company, employing over 37,000 people in 100 different countries. UISL was formed in 2000 as a result of a major business process outsourcing agreement with Abbey Life, resulting in the transfer of the administration of the company’s 1.75 million policies and more than 1,000 staff to UISL. Originally founded in 1961, Abbey Life is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lloyds TSB Group plc.

Abbey Life closed to new business in 2000. At this time, Unisys was providing third-party administration services to Abbey Life for its Target Life policies. Unisys was ideally positioned to offer an attractive outsourcing option to administer the entire Abbey Life book of business, thus providing Abbey Life with:

  • Cost certainty (initial and future)
  • Access to a tailored solution, availing of the latest Unisys technology
  • Access to Unisys’ wealth of financial market outsourcing expertise

The subsequent business process outsourcing agreement between Abbey Life and Unisys resulted in the establishment of Unisys Insurance Services Limited (UISL).


UISL were tasked to introduce process efficiencies, to reduce operating costs and increase capacity while simultaneously improving service levels to Abbey Life customers.

Part of this challenge required the migration of multiple legacy systems to a single standard platform, the Unisys Life and Pensions Solution named Unisure. In migrating to Unisure, UISL identified the need to replace numerous and diverse calculation systems with a single, high performing calculations engine.

The solution needed to support new & existing business illustrations and all other calculation requirements for the 400+ Abbey Life products. Additionally, it needed to be scalable to support additional products for other life and pension companies who might in the future choose to outsource their business processes to UISL.