Channel Plus from Exaxe


Features of Channel Plus

The implementation of Channel Plus enables companies to unify all their distributors’ administration services onto a single platform, yielding operational efficiencies and providing an improved service to all their customers. Channel Plus is a highly configurable platform that can quickly modify to execute and adapt to your distribution and sales strategies. Supports multiple compensation plans such as flat commissions, transactional and percentage commission structures,


Benefits of Channel Plus

Channel Plus provides both business and technological users control over their operations, enabling them to more effectively service their agents, brokers, independent financial advisors and direct salesforce. By automating key processes, tasks, calculations and charges these proven solutions reduce the administrative overhead and risk associated with increasingly complex distribution, fees and commission management.

Streamline all aspects of your distribution into a single, scalable cloud solution. With the goal of improving your time to process with increased information with added benefit of freeing up valuable time and resources to focus the strategic aspects of your organisation. This complete solution provides your organisation a platform to grow your distribution channel where ever you want to take it. Because all insurers & businesses are different you are able to
set up your own specific plans, compensation levels, and rules.