Channel Plus from Exaxe


The main features of Channel Plus are:

  • Management of complex hierarchies
  • Automated updates to multiple administration systems
  • Distributor Onboarding
  • Distributor Monitoring
  • Effective MIS Reports
  • Suppression & Cancellation
  • Distributor Transfer – individual and bulk
  • Fee / commission calculations
  • Fee / commission payments
  • Fee Agreement management
  • Fee / commission / payment online enquiry
  • Distributor Loans & Accounting
  • Distributor Statements – online and paper
  • Internal audit and control and reporting

Because Channel Plus centralises control of fee and commission accounts and the ability to set indemnity commission limits, the risk of fraud is significantly reduced. Customers also enjoy greater financial control: by integrating Channel Plus with existing financial management system(s), audit and reconciliation are made easier.

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