Employers can’t cope with pension burden

July 13, 2012 1 Comment Accumulation & auto-enrolment

It has been reported that the total pension deficit at the UK’s largest companies has more than doubled over the last year, caused primarily by volatile markets and falling bond yields.  The analysis carried out by actuarial consultants Lane, Clark & Peacock (LCP) reveals that the combined deficit of 83 […]

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Benefits Canada: PRPPs set the course for reinventing plans

July 9, 2012 Leave your thoughts

By Tom Murray, Head of Product Strategy, Exaxe. The core of any employee benefits plan is the pension. But with DB plans, rapid changes in longevity have pushed the majority of funds into an underfunded position, and employers are increasingly closing plans to new entrants in order to get the […]

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The Conundrum of Simplified Advice

July 4, 2012 1 Comment

This article was originally commissioned and published in April 2012 for Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts publication. It is written by Tom Murray, Head of Product Strategy at Exaxe. The Financial Services Authority is still struggling to get the Simplified Advice model out into the market. It is hardly surprising, […]

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‘Gotcha’ – DWP uses The Sun to dazzle workers

June 27, 2012 Leave your thoughts

The government is fighting a battle to ensure that future pensioners save enough for their own retirement and minimise their reliance upon the state. In that fight, they have now enlisted The Sun tabloid in order to reach out to the masses that would not normally come in contact with […]

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Life experience provides better guide than financial qualifications

June 19, 2012 4 Comments Retirement advice

There has been some debate lately in the trade press about the tendency of people to take level annuities rather than inflation-proofed annuities because of the higher amount available. This fact has been held up as proof of the need for advice at the point of retirement, because otherwise people […]

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Manitoba Retail Sales Tax change is a backward move

June 14, 2012 Leave your thoughts

Canada could learn from the EU The announcement yesterday that Manitoba was imposing Retail Sales Tax (RST) on protection products is a backward step in the drive to get Canadians to take responsibility for their own futures. The RST will apply to individual disability insurance, critical illness insurance and group […]

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Actuarial Post: Risk using technology or risk falling behind

June 5, 2012 Leave your thoughts

By Tom Murray, Head of Product Strategy, Exaxe. Technology usage is now ubiquitous amongst all sectors of society, including the elderly, and has spread beyond PCs to smartphones and tablets. As a result, the general population have far higher expectations of the service levels that they should receive from all […]

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Will debt blight Canadian Pensioners golden years?

May 29, 2012 2 Comments

Readers of this blog will be aware that I frequently heap praise on the Canadian pension system. It’s not perfect, but in terms of what it is providing to its consumers it remains one of the best balanced and most easily understood in the world. This has helped to ensure […]

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