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Irish Pensions Awards 2018 Exaxe
Established in 1997, Exaxe is an award-winning SaaS provider of software solutions that helps life and pensions companies with digital transformation by allowing them to launch new products faster, administer products more efficiently and respond with greater flexibility to the marketplace.

With headquarters in Ireland and offices in the United Kingdom, we provide leading edge front, middle, and back-office SaaS solutions specifically for life, pensions, and wealth sectors.

Exaxe’s SaaS based solutions provide full lifecycle support, from automated advice through sales, administration and claims for life, pensions and wealth management product sets. Exaxe SaaS solutions allow its clients to avoid large upfront licence fees, to pay per usage and work anywhere, anytime.

Exaxe solutions are in use in a wide range of client organisations throughout Europe. Exaxe helps companies, such as; Acorn Life, Aviva, AXA Life Invest, Capita, OneFamily, Police Mutual, Retirement Advantage, and the Eureko Group. It is our goal that our clients have the right platform to easily overcome top industry challenges, to gain efficiencies and to meet their growth goals.

Exaxe was acquired by Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance technology, on 27th November 2018. Read the full press release here.

Exaxe products include Advice Plus, Admin Plus, Illustrate Plus and Channel Plus. “Exaxe” is a registered business name of Exaxe Limited, company registration number 222246 Registered Office: Unit 5A Sandyford Business Centre, Sandyford, Dublin 18.