Over time organisations accumulate a menagerie of systems and technical ‘stop-gaps’ which are understood by a small number of key people. These systems are, in many cases, cumbersome as legacy technologies are expensive and inflexible to maintain, and any changes made take far too long and costs far too much.

Relying on legacy systems will not suffice in the new fast paced, information on-demand, 24/7 world. However, the days of complete system replacement costing many millions of pounds and taking years to implement are long gone.

The current trend is the delivery of point solutions designed to solve specific problems whilst addressing the discreet areas of each provider‘s business operations. Many existing IT solutions will not be able to cope with the fluid requirements of an industry driven by consumer demand for greater levels of transparency, product innovation and a need to react to industry trends at an ever quickening pace.

Where to begin? Breaking down the issues into bite sized chunks is the only way to address these complex

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