• Enterprise Ireland – Business Partner

    Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.

    Exaxe has partnered with Enterprise Ireland for over ten years and expects the relationship to grow stronger with every year.

  • FSGI - Technology Partner

    The Financial Services Grid Initiative was created to provide a utility platform for financial services companies based upon the use of Grid technologies as a utility resource, allowing for the implementation of a mixed computing environment on a common infrastructure.

    Exaxe has been a member of the Financial Services Grid Initiative from the beginning and is a strong supporter of the initiative's aims. All of our solutions are designed to run on the FSGI platform.

  • Microsoft – Gold Partner

    Microsoft is the world’s leading supplier of operating systems and desktop software. Exaxe is pleased to be a part of the Microsoft partnership programme and to become a Gold certified partner.

    Exaxe achieved this through independent product testing for optimal performance on Microsoft platforms and has achieved the ISV competency within the programme.