Benefits of an Exaxe SaaS Solution

Exaxe’s SaaS policy management solutions provide a level of flexibility never achieved before at a reduced and more manageable cost. Life companies no longer need to invest huge sums into buying and building IT architecture.

1. Data Security – Exaxe’s cloud solutions protect your business from data breaches. We ensure your data is held on a dedicated server in a secure environment protected by an accredited compliant hosting provider.

2. Lower Costs of Ownership – Exaxe’s SaaS solutions are subscription based, and subsequently there is no significant outlay for large hardware purchases or IT infrastructure, and no large upfront licence fees. Our clients pay for what they need, thus lowering the total cost per policy.

3. Pay-As-You-Go – Avail of accurate budgeting and predictable transparent costs with Exaxe’s SaaS policy management solutions as part of the subscription service. Pay only for what you use, thus also lowering the cost per policy.

4. Outsource Painful Upgrades & Maintenance – Outsource the responsibility of upgrading and maintaining the application(s) to Exaxe and we will manage all the functional and technical aspects of the application including all configurations and integrations.

5. Scalability and Integration – Exaxe’s SaaS model allows the flexibility to scale business up and down, in line with business needs and to integrate with existing IT architecture.

6. Higher Adoption Rates – As the Exaxe solutions are available are intuitive, they experience high adoption rates compared to other solutions. Users access the solutions using any device, using familiar and more intuitive web browsers, and hence there is a quick learning curve with reduced need for staff hours spent in training.

7. Work Anywhere Anytime – All Exaxe’s solutions are available to end-users via the internet on their smart devices so they can do business anywhere anytime whether they are on the road or in the office.

8. Compliance – Exaxe solutions are continuously monitored and updated to be fully compliant with all legislation and regulation.

How does the SaaS Pricing work?:

How can Exaxe Cloud and SaaS Solutions help you?

At Exaxe, we understand that different organisations have different needs, and our solutions have been designed to be supported as SaaS solutions either on-premise or in the cloud. Using up-to-date Microsoft technology, Exaxe has architected, designed, and built Illustrate Plus, Admin Plus, and Channel Plus as complete web based products.

The user interfaces are browser and device agnostic meaning that the display dynamically adjusts to provide the optimum visual experience for the user. This combined with high levels of scalability make Exaxe’s solutions ideal for most organisations.

Whether you’re looking to deploy in your own environment, or as a cloud computing service Exaxe SaaS solutions can support you.

For more information or a discussion on which model would suit your business requirement please contact us at

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