SaaS Pricing – Policy Management Solution

Exaxe offers customers the choice whether to pay for your software managements solutions on a subscription basis (SaaS Pricing) or by the traditional licencing model.

With the success of cloud-based solutions in other industries outside Insurance, Pension and Wealth sectors, these companies are now looking to work with and adopt cloud solutions for their ancillary functions  Exaxe is one company that is leading the insurance and pension software market by offering reliable SaaS-based or Saas priced policy solutions covering policy, administration, billing, claims, etc.

The Exaxe SaaS offering allows life & pensions companies to reduce the costs of licencing its management software and facilitates a flexible commercial model that allows your software costs to scale in line with your business.

The Exaxe SaaS offering means that Exaxe clients will have no large upfront licence fees to worry about and will be able to avail of our transparent pricing model.

Exaxe customers will also benefit from significant savings, particularly if they choose to deploy the solutions in the cloud which, according to a study by Computer Economics, will save companies at least 15 percent on average.

Exaxe delivers shorter and less costly implementation times with our software management solution than anyone else in the market.

Benefits of Exaxe SaaS solutions:

How can Exaxe Cloud and SaaS Solutions help you?

At Exaxe, we understand that different organisations have different needs, and our policy management solutions have been designed to be supported as SaaS solutions either on-premise or in the cloud. Using up-to-date Microsoft Azure technology, Exaxe has architected, designed, and built Illustrate Plus, Admin Plus, and Channel Plus as complete web based products.

The user interfaces are browser and device agnostic meaning that the display dynamically adjusts to provide the optimum visual experience for the user. This combined with high levels of scalability make Exaxe’s solutions ideal for most organisations.

Whether you’re looking to deploy in your own environment, or as a cloud computing service Exaxe SaaS solutions can support you.

For more information or a discussion on which model would suit your business requirement please contact us at

Exaxe SaaS Solutions for Insurance, Pension and Wealth Companies