Exaxe Solutions Benefits

the implementation of regulatory changes

Employ future proofed technologies
all Exaxe Solutions are web-based, platform independent and are developed around Service Oriented Architecture principles and open Application Framework standards (XML, .NET, web services)

Reduce administrative costs
Straight Through Processing (STP)

Increase the speed to market for new products
by configuring new products using the Product Development Application (PDA)

Remove dependence
on old technologies

Improve customer service
faster turnaround, reduced errors, improved data quality

Ensure faster delivery
across multiple channels with minimal risk and investment

Delivers cost savings and process efficiencies
reduce transaction costs and increase process efficiencies by reducing manual processes and duplicate data entry

Increase automation
automates the calculation, reporting and payment of commissions and fees, based on rule-sets that can be tailored by product, channel and even individual agents

Rapid implementation
can be implemented in as industry beating timeframes

Why Exaxe?

When Exaxe engages with a client, we ensure that they do not just receive a new software solution, but also benefit from our in-depth industry knowledge and experience.

Additional value provided by Exaxe includes:

Thought Leadership articles
Regular articles written by Exaxe staff members, printed in industry and trade publications

White Papers
Exaxe publishes whitepapers every quarter covering international regulations and legislative changes

Bi-monthly e-newsletters – these contain industry white papers, a roundup of the best Exaxe blogs and articles from trade publications

An online wiki
Our clients receive extensive wiki, to keep up to date with our solutions

Weekly blogs on the latest industry news

Future regulatory compliance is assured, as the delivery of regulatory changes is covered within the services agreement for all Exaxe Solutions

Social Media
Exaxe uses a variety of social media channels to connect and interact with our clients in real-time

Demo videos
Exaxe release demonstration videos on our YouTube channel which help customers keep up to date on our solutions