What is Cloud Computing and SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription based, fully formed, end-user Life Insurance & Pension software application accessed via the web which may be on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

The cloud consists of networks, servers, storage, and environments and is not in any one specific location or on any one hardware platform. Cloud computing has become a commonly used phrase that describes any IT architecture that is off-premise.

A public cloud is a cloud whereby your data is stored along with other companies data too but separately so neither can access the other. A private cloud is whereby your data is stored solely with no other companies’ and resides on your company’s intranet or a private data center.

Why should Life Insurance & Pension organisations use SaaS-based solutions?

Excellent cloud-based solutions should be able to offer the following:

Pay for what you use – SaaS based solutions mean your Life Insurance or Pension Organisation pays for what it uses on a subscription service basis whether or not you choose to host it on a private cloud.

No large upfront fees – SaaS based solutions do not require any large upfront licence fees, nor is any large upfront IT hardware or architecture purchases required.

Data security – A SaaS-based Life Insurance & Pension software solution in the cloud can protect your business from data breaches. Data is held on a dedicated server protected by an accredited, compliant hosting provider.

Accessibility – SaaS based solutions allow you to access policies from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Scalability – SaaS based solutions allow you to access policies from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Compliance – SaaS based solutions are continuously updated with regulatory and legislative requirements.

How can Exaxe Cloud and SaaS Solutions help you?

At Exaxe, we understand that different organisations have different needs, and our life insurance and pension software solutions have been designed to be supported as SaaS solutions either on-premise or in the cloud. Using up-to-date Microsoft technology, Exaxe has architected, designed, and built Illustrate Plus, Admin Plus, and Channel Plus as complete life insurance and pension software web based products.

The user interfaces are browser and device agnostic meaning that the display dynamically adjusts to provide the optimum visual experience for the user. This combined with high levels of scalability make Exaxe’s solutions ideal for most life insurance and pension organisations.

Whether you’re looking to deploy in your environment, or as a cloud computing service Exaxe SaaS solutions can support you.

For more information or a discussion on which model would suit your business requirement, please contact us at www.exaxe.com/contact-us

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